International multicentric MammoScreen clinical trial is ongoing: a further step to tackle Breast cancer challenges.

The MammoScreen project consortium is glad to officially announce the initiation of the clinical study for the validation of MammoWave® for screening purposes. The aim is to generate evidence on the use of the MammoWave® technology as an effective breast screening tool within population-based programmes promoted by regional or national health systems. MammoWave® uses safe, non-invasive, and non-ionising microwave signals without performing breast compressions and proved to be effective with dense breasts. With such technology, which is complementary to the current gold standard, it is possible to consider extending breast screening to younger women in the 20-49 age group which count 98 million of individuals only in Europe. The clinical study will last for the duration of the project on the next 3 years, it will involve a total of 10.000 patients in 9 clinical centres from 5 countries (Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Poland and Portugal). Each centre will enrol, on a voluntary base, women between 45 and 74 years old to undergo the clinical study. These women are already included in breast cancer screening protocols and will be selected by the principal investigators of the trials (it is not possible to submit spontaneous applications to join this study). The clinical study successfully started in Italy and Portugal, with the first patient enrolled last February and it is going to start soon in Poland, Spain and Switzerland where Ethical approvals were already received. The outcomes of this clinical trial have the potential to improve the early detection of breast cancer for all women, extending the pool of individuals suitable for screening and helping to improve patients’ quality of life and health. Follow the MammoScreen Project on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.