The workplan of MammoScreen

MammoScreen will have a duration of 48 months and is organized into 7 work packages (WPs). Work packages devoted to technical tasks will be complemented by one work package on coordination and management of the project (WP1), one work package on ethical aspects (WP2) and one package on communication and dissemination (WP7). 

WPs are organized as follows:
• WP1 will be devoted to the coordination and the management of the project;
• WP2 will address Ethics and Data Protection issue;
• WP3 will focus on clinical trials preparation, including clinical protocol definition, AI refinement, MammoWave construction ant installation at the selected Hospitals;
• WP4 will be devoted to MammoWave (augmented by AI) clinical trials execution and performance evaluation;
• WP5 will develop and use tools for patients’ engagements pre and post MammoWave exam;
• WP6 will perform HTA and Health Economics evaluation;
• WP7 will be devoted to Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication activities.