MammoScreen: Innovation in breast cancer screening.


Inclusiveness, accessibility, sustainability. These are the values that, with MammoWave technology, gave birth to MammoScreen.

MammoScreen: The innovation of mammography screening.

Inclusiveness, accessibility, sustainability. These are the values that, with MammoWave technology, gave birth to MammoScreen.

MammoScreen Project

MammoScreen is a project co-funded by the European Union and the UK Research and Innovation agency. 
It is set up with the aim of generating clinical evidence on the use of MammoWave, a new mammograph based on microwave frequencies, for breast cancer screening. The project involves seven international partners from Italy, Portugal, Spain and the UK.
MammoScreen aims to provide an innovative, safe and non-invasive solution for the detection of breast cancers.

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An opportunity to revolutionize breast cancer detection

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide, affecting 1 in 8 women. The World Health Organisation estimates that in 2020, worldwide cases of breast cancer accounted for 24% of all cancers in women, with 2.26 million women diagnosed with cancer and 685,000 deaths globally.

While mammography is the gold standard technology for breast cancer screening – it has been demonstrated through different randomized controlled trials to reduce breast cancer mortality – it has limitations and drawbacks, such as the use of radiations, breast compression, limited use in the case of women with dense breast and in some types of hidden cancers.

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The innovation of
mammography screening

MammoWave is an innovative and highly disruptive microwave technology, patented and developed by the project partner Umbria Bioengineering Technologies (UBT) S.r.l.
MammoWave is the only existing solution that can ensure 100% safe, accurate and comfortable breast cancer screening for all women of all ages – it can be performed in any condition and for an unlimited number of times – addressing a medical need that is unmet through traditional mammography.


Citizen involvement in MammoScreen

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MammoScreen’s collaborative approach empowers individuals to actively participate in shaping the future of healthcare, driving advancements, and improving patient outcomes.

Relevance and user-Centric Design

Citizens, especially those who have experienced breast cancer or have been screened for it, possess valuable insights and perspectives.

Acceptability and trust

By involving citizens, we ensure that they have the opportunity to contribute to the decision-making process and voice their concerns, thus enabling them to accept and adopt the technology.

Accessible and equitable Healthcare

By engaging citizens from different backgrounds, socioeconomic statuses, and geographical locations, we hope to identify and address potential barriers to access MammoWave. 

Ethical considerations

Engaging citizens in the implementation and evaluation of MammoWave helps address ethical concerns. Informed consent, privacy protection, and responsible data handling are essential aspects of any healthcare technology.

Advocacy and empowerment

By participating in the development and evaluation of this screening device, citizens can influence policies, raise awareness, and contribute to the improvement of breast cancer screening programs.

Citizen involvement in MammoScreen

By including citizens in the process, we can create a device that is user-friendly, widely accepted, accessible, ethically sound, and that truly meets the needs of those it aims to serve.

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