MammoScreen is part of the “Prevention and early detection (Screening)” cluster of projects, centered on the prevention and early detection of different types of tumors.

Under the positive impulse given by the European Commission, funded projects that work on common research areas are teaming up in the so-called Clusters of projects.

Prevention Cluster


Within the Prevention and early detection (Screening) Cluster, all the members of the different projects are actively joining their efforts to widen the impact of each other’s research, and to facilitate the understanding by the public of the importance that these EU funded research initiatives have in increasing the quality of life of all European citizens.

The Cluster is meant to maximize the impact of the single projects in a cooperative fashion, focusing on:

Data Management

Research & Innovation

Communication & Dissemination

Citizen Engagement

Addressing inequalities

Research Capacity Building

The projects that are part of the cluster

7 projects are now part of the Cluster, each one with different goals, but with the common aim to beat cancer on time with new and reliable prevention strategies. The group is composed of the following members:


MAMMOSCREEN – Innovative and safe microwave-based imaging technology to make breast cancer screening more accurate, inclusive and female-friendly.

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THERMOBREAST – An innovative non-contact and harmless screening modality set to change the course of breast cancer detection and patient monitoring.

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LUCIA – Understanding Lung Cancer related risk factors and their Impact.

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PANCAID – PANcreatic CAncer Initial Detection via liquid biopsy.

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ONCOSCREEN – A European “shield” against colorectal cancer based on novel, more precise and affordable risk-based screening methods and viable policy pathways

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DIOPTRA – Early Dynamic Screening for Colorectal Cancer via Novel Protein Biomarkers Reflecting Biological Initiation Mechanisms

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SANGUINE – Early detection and screening of hematological malignancies.

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The Cluster’s work

The Cluster’s work will be harmonized with the involvement of different joint activities, starting from the draw up of a common work plan for scientific collaborations and a common dissemination and communication strategy.
Besides adherence to Cluster well defined deliverables to be reported to the EC, the projects will organize periodical Cluster Meetings, both virtually and in person, to reinforce the commitment to the objectives of the Cluster and to monitor the state of the art.

Cluster Joint Brochure

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