MAMMOSCREEN launches the Hereditary Breast Cancer Questionnaire

Calling all women: Be heard and make a difference!  Are you a healthy woman, someone with a predisposition for hereditary cancer, or a brave fighter facing breast cancer? Your voice matters, and we want to hear it!   MammoScreen introduces the Citizen needs about Hereditary Breast Cancer Questionnaire !   What’s it all about?   […]

MAMMOSCREEN organizes the webinar “Shaping the future of Breast Cancer screening: introducing the MammoScreen project”

The first MammoScreen Webinar with Patient Advocates and Patient Advocay Groups is scheduled on 4th September 2023, 13.30-15 PM CEST, via ZOOM. The primary purpose of this first MammoScreen Project Webinar is to facilitate comprehensive knowledge dissemination and collaborative discussions around the MammoScreen project.  Our aim is to bring together the patient advocacy groups (PAGs) […]