MAMMOSCREEN organizes the webinar “Shaping the future of Breast Cancer screening: introducing the MammoScreen project”

The first MammoScreen Webinar with Patient Advocates and Patient Advocay Groups is scheduled on 4th September 2023, 13.30-15 PM CEST, via ZOOM.

The primary purpose of this first MammoScreen Project Webinar is to facilitate comprehensive knowledge dissemination and collaborative discussions around the MammoScreen project. 

Our aim is to bring together the patient advocacy groups (PAGs) and advocates in the project and increase a better understanding of the potential and implications of this innovative technology.

During the webinar, some of the partners of MammoScreen will present the project and related key aspects, such as the MammoWave technology, patients engagement and involvement, and the development of a new patient centric app.

Below the programme of the webinar:



Presentation title and objective(s)




Opening session.

·         Welcome by the facilitator.

·         Round of introductions.

·         Overview webinar.


Vanessa Ferreira, EVITA Association, Hereditary Cancer, Portugal.


MammoScreen: An international endeavor for innovative Breast Cancer Screening.


Objective(s): Discuss the origin, goals, and design of the MammoScreen project, its organizational backing by the European Union and the UK Research and Innovation agency, as well as the international partners involved. The presentation also aims to update attendees on the project’s involvement in the Prevention Cluster, an initiative to support the EU Mission Cancer. The presentation will show progresses, highlight key action, share recent developments, outline future plans, and foster engagement for potential collaboration.


Gianni D’Errico & Letizia Pontoriero,  Fondazione Toscana Life Sciences, Italy.


The role of patient advocates in MammoScreen.

Shioban Freeney, Patient Advisor Group chair, Ireland.


The MammoWave: Exploring its technological foundations, advantages, and clinical evidence.


Objective(s): Dive into the science behind MammoWave, the new microwave-frequency based mammograph that is at the heart of the project. Discuss the benefits of using this non-invasive and safe method for breast cancer screening. Share results and findings from previous trials of MammoWave, demonstrating its efficacy and safety in early breast cancer detection.


Gianluigi Tiberi, Umbria Bioengineering Technologies S.r.l., Italy.



Democratizing healthcare innovation: The Patient and Citizen Framework in the MammoScreen project.


Objective(s): Outline the process of involving patients and citizens in the MammoScreen project, emphasizing the importance of public engagement and understanding in the development and acceptance of new healthcare technologies.


Vanessa Ferreira & Tamara Milagre, EVITA Association, Hereditary cancer, Portugal.



ELAROS App development within MammoScreen framework.


Objective(s): Present ELAROS’ plan to develop an application under MammoScreen. Explain the functionalities and benefits of this application, especially how it will complement MammoWave in the fight against breast cancer.


Jennifer McDonald and Paul O’Brien, ELAROS 24/7 Limited, United Kingdom.






Address Q&A.




Wrap-up and conclusions.

Vanessa Ferreira & Tamara Milagre, EVITA Association, Hereditary cancer, Portugal.

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