Issue #1 of the MAMMOSCREEN newsletter is finally out!  

Dear Reader,

A warm welcome to our Newsletter.

In December 2022, the MammoScreen Project was awarded 7 million euros by the European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HADEA), under the HORIZON Research and Innovation Action, to generate evidence about the use of MammoWave, a technology with the potential to change the standard of breast cancer screening. We invite you to follow us until the end of the MammoScreen Project, in November 2026, by signing up to our Newsletter.

In this first Issue, we introduce the Project´s aims and objectives (Introduction), talk about the MammoWave technology (Featured Article), and present the Coordination and Management Team, who are working hard to promote collaboration and facilitate synergies within the Consortium (Meet the Team). 

We explain how patients are recruited for the clinical trial (Under the Spotlight) and we highlight our top three lifestyle tips to reduce the risk of breast cancer (Tips and Tricks). 

We talk to Siobhán Freeney, our Patient Advisory Group Coordinator, in a heartfelt interview about her work as a patient advocate (Patient´s Perspective). 

Finally, we answer your questions (Q&A) and highlight important upcoming events for the Consortium (MammoScreen News).

We promise we will keep it simple, and we encourage you to join us in this exciting project.

Warmest regards,

The MammoScreen Team

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