Issue #2 of the MAMMOSCREEN newsletter is finally out!  

Dear Reader,

We invite you to join us in another exciting Newsletter about the MammoScreen journey.

Learn how our collaborative efforts and innovative solutions contribute to Mission Cancer, one of the five biggest challenges of the humanity tackled by the EU at all levels, including research and innovation funding (Introduction).

Read about the Lisbon Consortium Meeting, where we discussed with expert stakeholders about challenges and opportunities for the introduction of MammoWave into healthcare (Featured Article).

Meet the UBT team, an innovative Italian company that specialises in the research and development of microwave imaging techniques for diagnostic purposes, that is responsible for the development of MammoWave (Meet the Team).

Don´t miss the big reveal of the MammoScreen patient engagement App, launched in its Beta Lite version to gather feedback from patients and clinicians (Under the Spotlight).

Learn how to perform a breast self-examination (Tips and Tricks).

Listen to the voice and the lived experience of a young cancer patient advocate (Patient´s Perspective).

Other regular features of our newsletter are our Q&A section, the MammoScreen News and Upcoming Events, where you may keep up with our latest communication and dissemination activities.

Our aim is to improve early breast cancer detection and the quality of care for breast cancer patients in Europe and worldwide with our innovative technology and strong focus on interdisciplinary collaboration.

We invite you to follow us until the end of the MammoScreen Project, in November 2026, by signing up to our Newsletter.

Warmest regards,

The MammoScreen Team

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