Meet the MAMMOSCREEN Team: Fondazione Toscana Life Sciences  

Meet the MAMMOSCREEN Coordination and Management Team at Fondazione Toscana Life Sciences (TLS). Fondazione Toscana Life Sciences is a non-profit research organization based in Siena, Italy.  Born as a business incubator, TLS has evolved to become a facilitator, by increasing the impact of projects related to biomedical research, drug development and health and wellbeing of […]

Let’s discover how patients are recruited for the MAMMOSCREEN clinical trial!

The MammoScreen clinical study involves 9 centres in five different European countries – Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland – and will recruit 10.000 women volunteers aged between 45 and 74 years of age with an average risk of cancer. Women will be recruited by the clinicians of each centre when they attend a scheduled […]

The MammoWave technology: how does it work? 

MammoWave works differently from traditional methods that use X-rays. The device generates a qualitative representation of the breast tissues by processing very low power (<1 mW) electromagnetic signals in the microwave band (1-9 GHz).  The ability to use this range of the electromagnetic spectrum for breast cancer detection is based on the difference in the […]