Meet the MAMMOSCREEN Team: Fondazione Toscana Life Sciences  

Meet the MAMMOSCREEN Coordination and Management Team at Fondazione Toscana Life Sciences (TLS).

Fondazione Toscana Life Sciences is a non-profit research organization based in Siena, Italy. 

Born as a business incubator, TLS has evolved to become a facilitator, by increasing the impact of projects related to biomedical research, drug development and health and wellbeing of citizens. 

TLS is supporting researchers as host institution for carrying out their projects, as well as working as incubator for start ups and small companies that are investing on the development of new therapeutic biotechnological approaches.

TLS is actively involved in many European funded projects dealing with healthcare and Precision Medicine, such as Regions4PerMed, SINO-EU PerMed and EP PerMed, working to transform standard clinical practices into personalized solutions for patients. 

Another important task of TLS is to keep decision makers and health systems stakeholders informed about the latest technological developments on a regional, national and European scale, to promote the development and the adoption of state of the art therapeutic options for patients.

As coordinator of the MammoScreen Project, TLS oversees project management activities, monitors the implementation of ethical and data protection principles, and implements best practices for dissemination, communication and business development. 

There is a lot going on daily at TLS´s project management office: advancing the agenda of the monthly MammoScreen Consortium meetings, seeking consensus among partners, preparing and revising project deliverables, monitoring expenditure and preparing financial reports.

The TLS team is also the contact point for European Commission officers. The team works together with all the partners to ensure that the implementation of the project is as effective and efficient as possible. Building a good relationship with partners and finding synergies within the consortium is a key part of their work. 

Together, we all play to our strengths towards the success of the project, and project managers are like the Maestro of a fine-tuned orchestra, guiding the MammoScreen partnership towards a possible game-changing solution for the early detection of breast cancer.

You can follow TLS´s activities on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

This article is part of #1 issue of MAMMOSCREEN newsletter: read the full issue here.

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